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       22-23 September 2021

                    Kinepolis Jaarbeurs Utrecht

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Conference news:

Learn about "flow" and discuss

with thought leaders. "Flow" occurs

when blockage is controlled, batch  sizes

limited and feedback is speeded up. Want to know how?

Come to srvision 2021 on 22nd and 23rd of september in Utrecht. We follow the covid guidelines and ensure a safe conference. Be there!  

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April 21st 2021

our 1st WebinaR by MArk Smalley

On 21st of april 2021 we had our1st webinar, hosted by Maarten Bordewijk,  with mr. Mark Smalley as our guest on “ITIL4: High Velocity IT”.  


Mark Smalley, also known

as The IT Paradigmologist, thinks, writes, trains and speaks extensively about IT 'paradigms’ – in other words our changing perspectives

on IT.

Mark is a Trainer/Consultant at Smalley.IT and Master Trainer for GamingWorks’ MarsLander and The Phoenix Project business simulations. He is Global Ambassador at the DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA). He has contributed to various IT industry bodies of knowledge.
Mark Smalley is the Lead Editor of this ITIL® 4 module. He consulted with 45 industry colleagues from 18 countries to determine the desired topics, and engaged 23 of them as co-authors.

Select this link to obtain a copy of his book "Reflections on High-velocity IT"

When you missed this webinar, no worries!

The Webinar was recorded and has been made available for you without any additional costs! Please select this link to view the webinar on “ITIL4: High Velocity IT”

June 9th 2021

"MArslander" by Paul Wilkinson

Go with the flow!....

Digital Transformation. The latest Industry buzzword which is driving demands for agility and the fast, smooth flow of work. New ways of working are adopted - Agile, DevOps, Lean and now the latest ITIL4. These silo-ed frameworks often end up as the goal, rather than what we are trying to achieve.
We have replaced organizational silos with Framework silos. Putting our organizations at risk!
These challenges become a flow stopper!
How can we break through these barriers to flow?

srvision organized a business simulation workshop with GamingWorks to bring end-to-end stakeholders together to experience the core principles that bind these frameworks together and drive the right behaviors. What did the team discover?

1. ‘Focus on value’ - Do we all know the goals? Have these been these translated into end-to-end priority and decision making mechanisms?
2. ‘Collaborate & Promote visibility’ - Is work flowing smoothly? Are we collaborating from and end-to-end perspective – from idea-to-value, not from code-to-deploy. and do we have ‘situational awareness’ through visibility and transparency to ensure that scarce resources are allocated appropriately and that constraints are identified?
3. ‘Progress iteratively with feedback’ - Continual learning, experimentation and feedback is the core capability to ensure that ‘flow stoppers’ are being removed and that value is flowing smoothly across end-to-end value streams.

At the end of the session the team captured shared, agreed flow enablers to take away and apply.


For everyone who is interested in the flow of IT Management

SRVISIONDAYS aims to put together a motivating and inspiring program on (IT & Enterprise) Service Management.

Organizations have enthusiastically embraced Agile principles. Problems arise when teams need to work together. And, when the value for the consumer is not directly linked to the product. It becomes impossibly complex when Product Owners use different priorities for their innovations or improvements. Do we give priority to solving imperfections?



The theme for the 2021 edition is Flow! Every organization is engaged in  transformation towards better performance and value delivery. Whether these organizations are using Agile, Lean or DevOps as a means for this transformation, all efforts have one common element: FLOW. Flow allows teams to create faster and better delivery of value. Flow enables cross-team collaboration. And flow accelerates feedback loops to increase quality of service.